The Wedge

Over time, as I have found myself writing more and more for curriculum and workshops, the way to writing articles and stories seems to have opened up.  So here begins my first serious foray into the world of writing.

Starting something new can often be challenging.  The haze of moving into an unknown experience can be daunting.  Few have the capacity to tolerate that discomfort that arrives with lingering in space of unknowing for long enough to mine its fertile depths.  I prefer to use a quick beginning as a wedge.  A small foray into the project, writing down what few ideas I have, putting them into print is often enough a crutial wedge into getting momentum behind a project.  Just to start it is enough.  After that I can let it go for awhile and let life and my unconscious digest and process.  Seeds planted tend to grow, naturally, with a simple bit of tending.   The small beginning.  The wedge.  The journey of a thousand mile that begins with the one step…

~ by 00davi00 on 0, February 23, 2011.

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