“All ailments are due to the violation of Nature’s laws, and return to Nature is the road to health.”  -Mahatma Gandhi

A healthy and complete lifestyle includes

  • diet of whole, unprocessed, seasonal, local, organic, low-animal product foods
  • stress management/stress reduction
  • awareness of, respect for, practicing of human pacing
  • complete rest and recuperation
  • pure water
  • pure air
  • ecologically pure environment
  • exposure to sunlight
  • daily physical activity
  • strong social circle
  • good hygiene
  • mental stimulation/learning
  • meditation
  • new challenges and experiences
  • embodied relationship with nature/universe
  • meaningful work
  • self-sufficiency and self determination
  • discipline and self-sacrifice

It is important to to get qualified professional help if you do not have experience in natural lifestyle.  You can get lifestyle support and coaching with David who will help you create and institute a plan to make a comfortable and appropriate shift.