Balance Bodywork



Good health and wellbeing depends on then harmonious functioning and relationships of the many body systems:

  • the unimpeded movement of the fluids to transport nourishment to and cleanse the tissues
  • balanced tensions and alignments within the structural tissues
  • supple and relaxed muscular system
  • proper mobility of the organs
  • calm over-active nervous and endocrine systems

When we experience harmony at every level a sense of ease colors our being and the body’s natural healing capacity is liberated.

Balance Bodywork addresses these many levels to balance the body physically and energetically, while addressing specific conditions and injuries and integrating them into the whole system.  Leave feeling profoundly refreshed, rested, and clear.

With over 20 years experience the field of yoga and natural health, David is a certified Somatic Therapist, trainer and yoga teacher, and bodyworker trained in orthopedic, ayurvedic, and traditional thai massage. David brings together year of experience and rich training to create an innovative style of bodywork.

Combine with a personalized yoga/movement session and lifestyle coaching for a uniquely powerful therapeutic combination.

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日本語 and English spoken.

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