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Particularly interested in the intersection of health, self-regulation, consciousness and self-transformation, David’s work focuses on educating people about the joys of developing intimacy with ourselves.  First introduced to Somatic Practices in the radical educational and political environment of Antioch University, he was impressed by the realization that sensory awareness formed the foundation for personal and social transformation.  He has pursued a broad spectrum of studies in body-mind practices ever since.  It was at Antioch that he began studies in Classical Yoga, Contact Improvisation, African Dance, Body-Mind Centering, and Zazen.  David eventually trained as a Yoga teacher with Rodney Yee and Donna Farhi.  He is now certified in Somatic education through School of Body-Mind Centering and is a trained bodywork therapist specializing in Thai, Ayurvedic, and Orthopedic massage.   Since 1993 he has practiced Zen Mediation with Yvonne Rand and Reb Anderson of the San Francsico Zen Center.  In 2006 he moved to Japan from San Francisco to advance his studies in Martial Arts and Zen.  He currently teaches yoga and embodied anatomy to movement and bodywork professionals in Asia and North America, and works privately with individuals doing bodywork and somatic therapy.  David’s Freestyle Yoga training teaches students to express yoga from the inside out – contacting the source of yogic movement within themselves.  The program is modeled after Integral Theories of transformative practice put forth by American Philosopher Ken Wilbur.  David’s current projects include researching natural functional movement inspired by the French Physical Educator Georges Herbert and Parkour.


David is a registered Somatic Movement Educator with the International Somatic Education and Therapy Association and registered with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 10,000 hours teaching experience.