Slowmotion Somatics

s l o w motion is done at a pace that allows us to savor the deliciousness of life.

In s l o w motion we observe details we once passed over.

It is done at a human pace. It is the remedy for bigger, stronger, faster, more, more, more.

Less is more. Small is beautiful.

s l o w motion is taking time to smell the flowers.

It is allowing things to take as long as they take.

s l o w motion is not made for mass consumption, but is devoted to freeing all beings from suffering.

s l o w motion is freshly made.

s l o w motion is unprocessed and additive free. (But not entirely organic. Sorry.)

s l o w motion is not on time.

s l o w motion will not be televised.

s l o w motion resists the current trend toward corporate commercialization of yoga, knowledge, and freedom.

s l o w motion is playful, curious, and creative.