Uncovering the Essence of Breath

ws-david090222-400日時:2008/11/23(日) 10:00-13:00
講師:Daivd France(デヴィッド フランス)
※ part1~5まで全て受講された方は5の際に2,500円割引となります。
対象:All level welcome !!


















パート4: 拡大する、生命のエネルギーを広げていく。


パート5: 悟り、呼吸を使って心を動かす。


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A five part series investigating the mysteries of breath

part 1: MECHANICS, the anatomy of breath

part 2: DISCOVERY, natural breath awareness

part 3: ANIMATION, marriage of movement and breath

part 4: EXPANSION, expanding life’s energy

part 5: ENLIGHTENMENT,  working with the mind using breath

No other bodily function plays such a distinctive role as breath.  It connects us to our source of life and energy.  It takes place automatically throughout our days, yet when we turn our attention to it we can control it as delicately as musical instrument.  Breath both reflects and influences the state of our emotions.  And so it is, being both conscious and unconscious, both physical and mental, a bridge that allows us to traverse between these seen and unseen words.  As babies we breathed with complete freedom and ease, and our energy was strong.  But pressures and stresses of life can disturb our delicate balance and give rise to shallow, uneven, and unproductive breath patterns which set disease in motion.  Yet by investigating the many aspects of its nature we can discover ways to breath more freely, feel a greater sense of ease, and even generate more energy.  Ultimately we can use breath as a vehicle to discover the nature of our own mind.  In this series of workshops we experientially explore the many facets of breath and learn how to make use of it to cultivate greater happiness and health.

Each part builds on the work of the previous and will be most beneficial when taken all together, but can be taken separately.

Part 1: MECHANICS, the anatomy of breath.  We will look deeply into the patterns and anatomical processes of breathing and sense them in action in our own bodies.

Part 2: DISCOVERY, natural breath awareness.  We refine our sensitivity and awareness to discover our unique patterns of breath.  We will explore methods designed to release our breath and the physical and emotional elements that restrict it.  Explore the natural expression of breath and rediscover the natural freedom of breath we experienced as babies.

Part 3: ANIMATION, marriage of movement and breath.  Learn how breath and movement influence one another. Surf a wave of breath into greater ease and power.  Activate the full body breathing.

Part 4: EXPANSION, expanding life’s energy.  Drawing from yogic pranayama and taoist chigung we will learn to cultivate stronger more vibrant energy.

Part 5: ENLIGHTENMENT, working with the mind using breath.  Breath becomes our vehicle to explore mind.  Refine concentration, manage destructive emotions, peer into the nature of the mind.

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