“When I first met David it was clear to me that through his remarkable sensitivity and deep intelligence that there was a remarkable yoga ready to emerge. David has a rare gift for evoking the spirit of yoga in his teaching practice. If anyone can help people weave together their mind, body and spirit, it is David.” –Rodney Yee, Internationaly renouned yoga teacher

“I travel the world for my business and seek out great massage where ever I go. I have gotten massages at top spas and healing centers around the world. Your massages are the truly best I have ever received.” -Harini Gokul IBM Consultant

“David has a broad spectrum of skills and insightful presentations. I actively seek him out as one of the few trainers of mind and body that meets my high standards and is able to address my complex needs.” -Olive Berenga, dancer/coreographer, Co-Director of the Body Cartography Project

“He has a child-like grin and a charming playfullness to go with it. He is selfless and supportive. He opens up his heart and his home to friends and loves to bring folks together. He has a unique passion for the work he does and many followers who agree. A motivated dreamer…” -Allison Hayden-Russo, Massage Therapist

“Once upon a time there was a Time to Be Slow..and in this Time reveled the deep thinkers, the nap-takers, the long-term friends, and those who saw fit to explain concepts clearly, and, at times, slowly. It was known as The Time Before ATMs, drive-thrus, instant messaging, and general pushiness.
The arts of grace, smoothness, playfulness, and divinity were practiced by the happy and satisfied generations of the era.  Living like this in these modern times is David, who puts his Piscean values to work for all, and, after teaching a challenging yin-yang yoga class, encourages everyone to dive into (surrender to) a deep shvasasana like contented sleepy children. His creativity, ability to befriend, and embodiment of ancient wisdom makes him a real treat.” -Ayden Bremner, Teacher, poet, and visionary

“I’m still scouring the city of New York for a massage treatment that comes even close to yours, only to no avail! ;-). The craziest thing happened last week — I went to a salon to get my hair done — it was only the 2nd time I had been there — and discovered LIAM (another massage client) was working at this salon! (Ted Gibson in NYC). We spoke for a bit and I mentioned that I missed your massage and he exclaimed to our surrounding group, “Oh my god, this guy — truly the most gifted massage therapist in the world!” And of course I agreed :-).” -Heather Dominiak, Advertising Professional

“I had really great time studying with Tias Little in Tokyo. I am so happy I could take his workshop. The experience will definitely help my coming translation jobs!  You know what?  Working with such a famous teacher, I now realize how great you are as a teacher.” -Kyoko Onimoto, Yoga Interpreter and translator.

Have you had some experiences or comments you’d like to share? You can add your own testimonials and reflections below.

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